How to buy high quality plastic windows without overpayment? Do not chase dubious offers. Avoid one-day firms and only contact trusted companies with a reputation. This is a guarantee of product quality and installation. Choose an appropriate profile for glazing Instead of the "top" line, the budget option may well come up. It is possible that, having overpaid, you simply will not notice the difference. For example, for the glazing of an apartment in a quiet area, noise insulation is not as critical as high-quality ventilation. Instead of a six-chamber profile, a five-chamber will be enough, and with the money saved, you can install a more useful climate control valve in this case. Pay attention to the features of the installation. The quality of the installation is no less important than the quality of the structures themselves. Even the most advanced windows through the efforts of unskilled "masters" can turn into a series of endless problems during further operation. Be sure to make sure that the installation will be performed according to the technology and in compliance with GOST. Ask about promotions and discounts. When replacing windows, as a rule, there is a need for subsequent finishing of slopes, purchase of mosquito nets, blinds and roller blinds to give an aesthetic appearance. On related services and accessories, you can save a lot. Be sure to find out about current offers.